Baal Eldritch - Pay off your debts, my boy!

Baal Eldritch – Pay off your debts, my boy!

They say step-mothers sacrifice for their k1ds… but why is this natural? This is not normal and not natural! I sacrificed my life for you! Pay back everything! Your step-dad got me pregnant and left me! I raised you alone! You ruined my perfect body, I couldn’t buy myself a decent dress! Because of you ! I couldn’t buy myself a decent meal ! My money went to your educations, to your fucking foods… But you’re done with that fucking school , and finally you’re about to work… Do you think that you just can walk away like this? The way as your step-father did? Well i have some bad news to you my boi ! For twenty years I couldn’t spend money on myself so it’s time to: pay me back! Did you think you would be free while I was in prison for 20 years? Do you think you can move on, and have a girlfriend? Well …. You will have nothing, theres no future for you ! You will live to give back everything to me, and more ! You will sleep five hours a day, and when its over you’ll go back to work! 24/7 ! You’ll pay me back everything, every single fucking cent what I spent on you ! You also have to pay the costs of my plastic surgeries, bc you was the one who ruined my body! I didn’t want to give you birth ! You were a fucking selfish leech, but now you will finally be useful… 🙂


Baal Eldritch - Pay off your debts, my boy!

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