Astro Domina - Slave to Your New Step Mom - Taboo Pov

Astro Domina – Slave to Your New Step Mom – Taboo Pov

Your step-dad is gone, so now you’re left with your new step-mom, and things aren’t going to get easier.. Your new step-mom called you in to come talk to her, she needs to have a heart to heart chat. Since your step-dad disappeared, it’s just been you and her, and she definitely hasn’t seemed to take a liking to you. In fact, she seems like she’s in an extra mean mood and tells you that she’s decided to change a few things around here. Before that even, she starts trashing your step-dad, at how weak and gullible he was. She won him over and married him only for his money, but not only that, she reveals how she actually shrunk and ate him! She has special powers and uses them to make herself richer and stronger, so don’t think you’re going to be able to do anything about it. She can tell you’re just a wimp like he was! She tells you she wont get rid of you like she did with him, but on one condition – that you become her new servant! You’re going to basically turn you into her slave, doing whatever she demands without question and if you ever displease her, you’ll be eaten just like your step-dad. She really lays down the law and makes you agree to all the rules. What choice do you have? It looks like you’re going to become your new step-mom’s permanent live-in slave!


Astro Domina - Slave to Your New Step Mom - Taboo Pov

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