Annabelle Rogers - Waking Up As Mommy

Annabelle Rogers – Waking Up As Mommy

Mom is putting laundry away and knocks on son’s door, who has been hiding away inside his room. Tells him she has his laundry and wants to put it away but son won’t let her in. Tells her he’s busy with something and he’ll get it later. She is curious to know what is going on and why he’s been locked in there for so long. Hopes he isn’t doing anything he shouldn’t be, before shaking her head in resignation and leaves him to it. “[redacted]!” Mom carries on into her own room to put her own laundry away, muttering to herself about her son not helping her out and spending all his time in his room on his computer. Being of the opinion that he should get out more and perhaps even get himself a girlfriend, like the rest of the boys his age. Suddenly something strange starts to happen and mom starts to feel dizzy. The son who is now inside mom’s body, regains consciousness and asks himself if it worked. Having performed a spell to transfer himself into the body of his biggest crush. One that he’d taken weeks to research and translate and figure out how to do it. Only, due to mom’s earlier interruption, it transferred him into her body instead. He looks at his now female hands and for a moment believes it has indeed worked, before suddenly recognizing the room he is in, as well as what he is wearing. Hurries over to a nearby mirror and discovers to his shock and horror that he’s now his mom. Is naturally freaked out. After talking to himself about how weird and creepy this is as he pokes and prods mom’s face in the mirror, as well as bemoaning the fact that he’s not his young and sexy crush, but instead his middle aged mother, he recognizes that he is still a woman and that even if the spell did go wrong, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience what it’s like to be and to touch a member of the opposite sex. Noticing that Mom’s breasts are much, much bigger than his crush’s and nervously giving them a squeeze. Rather enjoying the feeling. Throwing caution to the wind, he apologizes, “Sorry, Mom” and proceeds to undress her. Pulling her top off and being beyond wowed by her bra clad breasts. Gaining an entirely new appreciation for them as he pokes and prods and squeezes them some more. Pausing as he feels what he assumes to be his nipples growing hard. Which feels entirely new to him. Leading to his eagerness to see mom’s breasts fully unleashed. Having no previous experience with female lingerie he struggles to remove the bra, but eventually manages to get it off. The sheer size of mom’s unrestrained breasts completely blowing him away. Reading the tag on his mom’s bra to discover their size and not quite believing she’s had these things all this time and that he’d never consciously noticed. He plays with them further. Kneading, squeezing, shaking, jiggling, as well as examining them up close. Running his fingers around his areola and nipple and commenting on how sensitive they are. Noting also that he actually used to feed from these things when he was younger. Shaking his head at the thought of doing so again. The temptation proves too great. Sucking on her breasts enthusiastically, as well as licking, kissing, biting, drooling on and generally worshiping her breasts. Not being able to get enough. This causes mom’s pussy to respond as well. Son strips off the rest of her clothes. Looks at her pussy in the mirror and is as equally wowed by that as her breasts (if not more so). Comments, “That’s Mom’s pussy! That’s Mom’s freaking pussy! I came out of that thing!” Examining this in close detail much like he did her breasts. Along with her butt. Which he squeezes, twerks and pulls his ass cheeks apart. Explores her pussy then with his fingers and jerks himself off. He orgasms and mentions how that feels so much better than being a guy. Notices the juices on his fingers, he tastes it, rather enjoys the flavor and goes back again and again for more. As he gets up and starts posing like a porn star in the mirror, that as messed up as it is, he absolutely loves being his mom. Finding it to be so much better than if he had become his crush, due to how kinky it is. Realizes that he can now do anything as her. Make any perverted fantasy he’s ever had come true. Looking through her dresser he finds some lingerie (sexy bra and panty set with garter belt and stockings) and a pair of heels and puts them on. Also locates a dildo to use and then starts to role play into the mirror that he is her talking to him. Acts like a complete slut and talking dirty about how much he wants her and she wants him. Plays and sucks on her tits again and then, having also located a dildo pretends it’s his cock. Sucks on it, tit-fucks it and then sticks it inside her pussy. Fucks himself to orgasm and then collapses back down. Smiles to himself, “I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this!”


Annabelle Rogers - Waking Up As Mommy

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