Anarcadia - Stroke it for Mommy - JOI

Anarcadia – Stroke it for Mommy – JOI

Looking for a mommy joi. Just with your face and cleavage in view no nudity required. Basically, it goes like this: You say come here and talk to mommy. “You look really stressed out honey, I think we need to take care of something before you go take your exam. We need to make sure you have a clear head sweetie. Come here and get nice and close to mommy” Then just basically dirty talk JOI. The key is lots of talking and asking questions, like take out your dick for mommy and stroke it. Do you like my boobs? Oh that makes you so excited honey, keep stroking that cock for mommy. 10 mins, throughout giving the JOI mention a lot how my balls are full of cum for you and we’re going to get all the cum out, and how it’s hard to hold back from cumming but not allowed until you give permission. Lots of talk about how I’m so close to the edge but not yet, no cumming until you say. “Oh your balls are just so full aren’t they you are about to burst for mommy aren’t you sweetie? Are you going to spill a big load for mommy?” Dirty talk like that basically. Then when it’s time to let me cum, do a 10 second countdown, but draw it out longer than 10 seconds so it’s hard to reach 1, super teasing and slow 10 second countdown then when you get to one this is the most important part, keep talking after we get to 1 for a good 25 seconds after saying things like: That’s it sweetie spill all that cum out for mommy that’s it mister give me all the cum keep stroking mommy wants all of your nasty cum out before you go out tonight. Good boy, good boy all of your cum mister, that’s it spill it all out for mummy make sure mommy drained you nice and good honey, etc” Just lots of dirty talk, cleavage in view, eye contact and lots of talk.

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Anarcadia - Stroke it for Mommy - JOI

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