Mom's Impregnation Size Queen Fuck - Larkin Love

Mom’s Impregnation Size Queen Fuck – Larkin Love

Thank you, S0n, for these lovely Christmas gifts. I never expected something so personal as lingerie from my boy, but I suppose you’re all grown up now. How did you manage to know my size so well? You want to see the bra on me? Hmm, typically that wouldn’t be appropriate. I mean, the stockings are rather sexy, and the bra is even more intimate, hugging my big, soft breasts in white lace. But it is your Christmas present to me, so one little peek won’t hurt, right? You really think they look good on me?
Oh, S0n, you’re going to make your m0ther blush! I must confess, it’s been ages since a man bought me lingerie, and longer still since I felt really, truly desired. You really think I’m beautiful, don’t you. We shouldn’t go any further. I really should put my dress back on, but I don’t want to. My hand wanders to the growing bulge in your pants and I can’t stop myself from stroking your eager cock. It’s true, s0n, I’ve wanted you for quite some time now, but never knew how to say it. Your gift has shown me that you feel the same way, and I couldn’t be happier.
I love the lingerie, but what I really want for Christmas is YOU! M0mmy wants you inside her, filling her with your hard cock and showing her how much you love her body. I want you to stretch M0mmy’s pussy with your thick, throbbing cock until she cums all around you and coaxes you into a mutual orgasm, your hot sticky cum filling her pussy to the brim. I want you to impregnate me and fill me with your seed. Cum inside me and knock me up! That is the gift I truly want this year.

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Mom's Impregnation Size Queen Fuck - Larkin Love

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