You’ve been in the restroom for over an hour; is everything ok? I’m just going to come in and take a peek to make sure you don’t need my help. After all I am your mom, I need to be sure you don’t need my help. But when I do walk in…what I surprise..I see you have a *ahem* situation “down there”. A rock hard, throbbing situation that requires immediate attention. Have you taken pills? Why won’t your erection go down? I think if we can’t manage to get your erection under control we’ll have to go to the hospital. We don’t want that so I’m here to help. I know it’s incredibly awkward, but this can stay under wraps. Your father doesn’t have to know, it can be a secret between us.
You say you’ve already tried masturbating and you can’t ejaculate. Oh boy this is so awkward! I don’t think a mother and son should be discussing this, but I can’t see any other way to remedy this situation. Maybe I can just help out a little, maybe if I massage it your erection will go down. I’ve had lots of practice so my expertise may come in handy (no pun intended!).


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