Sydney Harwin - Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend

Sydney Harwin – Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend

Son.. Mommy found out about your secret girlfriend. What did you ever think you needed one of those for? I thought Mommy was enough for you? Well.. it doesn’t matter anyway now because Mommy sorted it out. I told her all about us and showed her the pictures and videos we made together. I don’t think she was prepared to see actual photos of ACTUAL.. y’know. Oh well, it’s all fine now, son. I told her I was just about to go home and fuck my boy and that he was going to cum inside of me- just how he likes it. I bet she never let you cum inside of her did she. No. Mommy will be your girlfriend and we could even get married if you wanted to? Hey, let Mommy film us fucking and I want you to say stuff to the camera.. I want you to ADMIT on film that you love fucking your Mother, that you only need your Mom and that you are ADDICTED to committing the worst taboo with her.


Sydney Harwin - Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend

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