Spying on Mom 4: Happy Anniversary - Lovely Lilith

Spying on Mom 4: Happy Anniversary – Lovely Lilith

It’s your parents’ anniversary today. You know your absent father won’t remember it. He’s even away on business. He keeps avoiding your super busty mother and leaving her sexually neglected. Each time you spend time with her, the more you can tell she wants you instead. This has given you an idea. You decide to surprise her with a present- a tight dress and note that says:
“Wear this dress tonight. I’m making dinner… but not until after I fuck you senseless… Happy Anniversary”
Your mom is under the impression her husband actually remembered their special day. She’s surprised when he doesn’t show up… and instead… it’s you. Touched that you’ve been so thoughtful, she surprises even you.
Desperate for male attention– especially one who shows their appreciation for her with a raging boner, she decides to treat you with your very first blow job. You’ve never felt anything like it. Once you’ve blown your load down her throat, she looks up at you with hooded eyes and says…
“I hope you liked that, sweety. Mommy’s just getting started…”

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Spying on Mom 4: Happy Anniversary - Lovely Lilith

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