Snooping behind your mother's bedroom!!! Most exciting fantasy! - Kathia Nobili

Snooping behind your mother’s bedroom!!! Most exciting fantasy! – Kathia Nobili

Lately you are feeling so weird around your mother! Something is changed. You don’t watching your mother like your sweet mom…no…you see only this sexy woman…hot milf! And only what you are thinking of is have her…take her as a man! You are not a baby boy any more! You fantasies about her in the night. You dream of her…the best erotic dreams, when you wake up with your cock rock hard, are fucking with your mother! And only what you wish to see her naked…just a bit…just her boobs in the shower or anything!
This is your lucky morning then! You woke up very early this morning…once again with your cock so stiff, having the erotic dream with you mom …so you need to jerk off! You just about to touch your self…when…you hear some noise from your mother bedroom!
You are going to check on her, if there is something wrong…but…you quietly open just a bit the door…and there she is! Your mother in sexy lingerie…starting to masturbate. You don’t even think for a second to leave! No…this is exactly the moment you were wishing for! Your mom with wide open legs…touching her self! Rubbing her pussy against the blanket.
You just standing there and snooping secretly behind the door! You take out your cock from pajama and start to stroking your cock…watching your mother masturbate. Every single sighs of hers make you more and more horny. You watching her perfect pussy, how she play with the toy…and you imagine….you are there…feeling and licking your mom’s pussy…and the pleasure she is feeling is because your tongue! This is your desire…but now…she is about to cum…to have an nice, log orgasm. And your cock is about to explode! Watching your mom, moving her hips so wildly, seeing how she enjoy her self making your cock a timing bomb! And yes…you cumming…in the same moment with your mom!
This morning secret peeping will give you many nights of pleasure! Your mom satisfied face will make you cum until…until you finally take a courage to tell her about your sexual needs…about fucking your mother!

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Snooping behind your mother's bedroom!!! Most exciting fantasy! - Kathia Nobili

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