Siena Rose - Let Him Hear Us Daddy

Siena Rose – Let Him Hear Us Daddy

Chapter 1 of a new series for 2022. Welcome to the house of RosesA different spin on the taboo tale- from the husband’s viewpoint! I play a middle aged woman who is in a secure, long term marriage that is watching her son grow up and struggling with the temptations of seeing him mature. As husband and wife we have always had nasty talking, intense sex and we love to push our boundaries….But one night I get to dirty talking and my filthy thoughts take on a risky taboo feel when I propose… what if our son HEARS us? The thrill is delicious and turns me on just thinking about the possibility that my son may have heard us fucking, Daddy. And suddenly you find it strangely hot, thinking that YOUR own son might hear exactly what you are doing to me and that it might make him want his own mother just as much as you lust for her. I wake up the next morning a little surprised at my dirty mouth. That night when we go to bed I see that you have left the door open some and want to fuck. The thought of being overheard is delicious and our sex is intense…And yes, I think that our son might have peeked at us, which was exciting and makes me want to explore this feeling I have. Note: I think the way I made this one that it could show how a family may slip into a taboo relationship over time, posing the scenario that a mother could possibly be so intensely in love with her husband that she cannot resist the pheromones of your legacy and bloodline. Buckle up, Daddy, you get to join in on the fun in Mrs.


Siena Rose - Let Him Hear Us Daddy

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