Selena Ryan - Convincing Your Religious Mommy to Sin and Get Pregnant

Selena Ryan – Convincing Your Religious Mommy to Sin and Get Pregnant

This sacrilegious 4K taboo breeding/impregnation clip is drenched in sin and i-word depravity, just the way you like it. Over the course of 22 minutes, you maliciously manipulate your own sweet religious Mommy into getting pregnant with you, all so you can finally feel the sweet warmth of your own mother’s pussy before filling it with your cum. Get ready to repent, because this taboo clip is not for the timid! – The clip opens as you’re getting home from school. You find your hot Mommy on her knees, praying with her eyes closed. You do some preying of your own, sneaking a peek at her big ass as it (unbeknownst to her) spills out of her skirt for your voyeuristic pleasure. She asks about your day and is horrified to learn that your school has been teaching you sexual education – how sinful! Appalled, Mommy quotes scripture and tells you that you must practice abstinence obediently and faithfully as she does, after all, sex is only for procreation, not pleasure. You listen to Mommy but begin to gently manipulate her for your own selfish desires – you want to fuck her! Isn’t it important to make new Christians to spread the word of God further? Isn’t procreation important, even if the bible forbids it between a Mommy and son? Isn’t bringing new life into God’s kingdom more important than some dusty old passage from the Old Testament? Mommy is hesitant, but after plenty of convincing on your part, agrees to get pregnant with you – anything to spread God’s love, even if it means spreading her own legs for her son. First, she gets you hard with a blowjob, her rosary beads wrapped tightly around your cock as she blows you. Next, you fuck Mommy in missionary, her legs spread wide so you can see her big bushy pussy. You tell Mommy you can’t cum unless you can see her asshole. She hesitates (how sinful!) but ultimately obliges, giving you a few minutes of asshole worship before you change positions. Despite her protest, she agrees to let you fuck her in the hedonistic doggy position. Step-Mommy’s tone shifts over the course of your playtime, and she ends up taking great pleasure in your procreation. In the end, you creampie Mommy and get her pregnant. Step-Mommy is thrilled about your breeding adventure, and big thick globs of cum ooze from her pussy as the clip ends.

Selena Ryan - Convincing Your Religious Mommy to Sin and Get Pregnant

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