Rosemarie Loves - Mommy's visit to her irresponsible son

Rosemarie Loves – Mommy’s visit to her irresponsible son

Mommy has to pay her boy a visit. With a new job, new place, and so much more mommy has to check in and see if her good boy can handle the big world as a wheel chair bound boy. Mommy has many concerns with her sons nursing staff, the flaws in the homes accessibility, and now mommy finds out your assistant is helping you sign up for dating sites. Im not pleased. Ive taken care of you all your life and I know how hard it is and I know what you like best when it comes to taking care of you. I wanted to give you your freedom but you are showing me that you can’t be responsible. I can take you back home if I dont see changes. Im always here for you but you are being so irresponsible, Especially with these girls online. That is a line you can’t cross with mommy. Mommy knows how to make you tingle all while being a tough mommy and showing you who is boss. None of those girls will every make you feel the way Mommy does. Mommy dominates all while being gentle with you in bed. Mommy shows you that I can be all the things you need. The perfect nursing assistant, the loving mommy, and the slightly rough lover in bed. Pov virtual sex, small cock talk/love, loving gentle mommy talk and voice as she rides you, and making you cum inside her so its final.. you are mommy’s boy forever. Mommy protects your heart and keeps you safe.


Rosemarie Loves - Mommy's visit to her irresponsible son

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