Rhea Sweet - Bath time with Mommy

Rhea Sweet – Bath time with Mommy

Mommy is scrubbing her little man in the bath when her son asks her to get in with him. She hesitated because her son is getting a bit too old for that. Mommy decides that she will get in but this will be the last time. She crawls into the tub with him and starts washing her son again. Son wants Mommy to soap up as well. Mommy notices that her son is getting hard for her. Her son asks his Mommy if she would touch him which surprises her. She tells him no but he keeps asking “Please Mommy”. Mommy knows that this will help her son so she gives in. Mommy starts touching her son and stroking his little dick. She can tell that her son is really enjoying it. Her son starts looking at Mommy’s lips and wondering what it would feel like to slide his dick inside his Mommy’s mouth. He asks his Mommy if he can try it. Mommy say’s yes and her son slides his dick in her mouth. Mommy can tell her son is enjoying it with how much her sons dick is pulsing in her mouth. Mommy can tell her son is going to cum soon. She opens her mouth and takes her sons cum down her throat.


Rhea Sweet - Bath time with Mommy

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