Painted Rose - Giantess Mommy: Shrink and Respawn

Painted Rose – Giantess Mommy: Shrink and Respawn

In this new world, women can shrink men to the size of an inch. The only way to go back to normal size is to be squished or eaten or…Once re-spawned, you have no memory of the events that have happened. When Stepmom notices you not once today, but twice being a little pervert and looking up her skirt and down her shirt. She snaps her fingers and shrinks you down to an inch size. Mommy loves you but this is your lesson. It serves you right ending up there when you transformed! You’re really nervous about what comes next and so Mommy lets you cum with a 10..9…8 countdown both times. Perhaps you will learn to not be pervy with Mama. Thank you for this custom video.


Painted Rose - Giantess Mommy: Shrink and Respawn

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