Nicolette Bloom - Play with Mommy Again

Nicolette Bloom – Play with Mommy Again

Sweetie, do you like Mommy’s outfit? You do? Does it make your peepee tingle? Oh I love that honey. That makes Mommy so happy. Do you want to play with Mommy again? Step-mommy will get your white milk out again, do you want that? Okay honey, I’m just going to put your peepee inside of my vagina. Now look at Mommy, I want to tell you some things. Ever since I knew I was having you, a sweet boy, I’ve been fantasizing about the day I would get to have sex with you like this. Watching you grow up has been very hard for me. I’m always turned on around you. I remember when I would breastfeed you for every meal, I would rub my peepee because I was so horny, I loved feeling you suck the milk out. I felt like you were teasing me. And then I would rub your peepee too. Are you close honey? Do you want to let your milk out? Go ahead and squirt that warm milk out into Mommy.

Nicolette Bloom - Play with Mommy Again

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