Mother son BBC cuckold - Kaidence King

Mother son BBC cuckold – Kaidence King

“Hello son. Do you know why I asked you in here? OK, listen, I found your porn. No, don’t apologise, everyone watches porn. The problem is the type of porn you were watching. Maybe this is my fault, I should have explained this to you sooner. But you’re what we call a whiteboi. Whitebois like you should not be watching videos of other whitebois fucking girls. That is not your place. You need to be watching women get fucked by BBC.” I show you some interracial porn and tell you to take your cock out and start jerking off to it. I give you JOI while telling you all about how white girls deserve big n1gger dick, not worthless white cock. I tell you that whitebois should stay celibate throughout their lives, because we do not need their genes breeding. I even call you some names and get a little mean.
“Do you want to see why we deserve black dick, son?” I strip off and cover my body in oil, making it look so shiny and sexy. I take out a tiny (2.5 inch) white dildo, and an absolutely massive black dildo (17.5 inches long, 7.5 inches circumference). “This is my favourite toy, son. The little white one looks just like your dick, and I can barely feel it. But this huge black dildo stretches me out so wide and fills me up so deep.” I stroke, suck and titty-fuck the huge black dildo, comparing it to the white one. Eventually I sit on top of the 17.5 inch monster and slide about 3 inches of it inside me. I bounce up and down on it, telling you how incredible it feels compared to the tiny worthless white dick. “See son? Why would I have the white one, when I can have this huge n1gger dick?”


Mother son BBC cuckold - Kaidence King

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