Missbehavin26 - Friends Mom Entices U To Go Upstairs

Missbehavin26 – Friends Mom Entices U To Go Upstairs

A video of my friend joe’s mom slowly stripping and showing it all to me. PLEASE NO MUSIC IN THE VIDEO. So you’re my best friend’s mom, let’s say my friend’s name is Joe . I come over expecting to pick up joe because we have basketball practice later tonight but he isn’t home. You say he went out for the day and won’t be back until late tonight just in time for practice. He won’t be home anytime soon. You tell me to stay and we can hangout. You say that I’ve grown up to be very handsome and sexy. That embarrasses me a little bit. You say you’ve been lonely since Joe’s father is older now and no longer as interested in you. You’re sexually starving and ready to get it on with me. I’m very reluctant and shy that you’re flirting with me but I say that I have always had a crush on you. I find you very sexy. I’m nervous and uncomfortable because joe is my best friend and your his mom. You try to persuade me by starting to slowly strip. I start getting very excited. You strip very slowly and talk dirty about how you’re my friends mom and you’re going to show me it all. You take off your bra and I am Very excited now. Then you slowly undress the rest of the way showing everything, your pussy your ass and your tits. The video ends with you completely nude telling me to follow you upstairs.


Missbehavin26 - Friends Mom Entices U To Go Upstairs

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