Missbehavin26 - Blackmailing ur stepmom into sex

Missbehavin26 – Blackmailing ur stepmom into sex

I heard my stepmother talking to someone else on the phone and it was not my dad. She talks dirty stuff and about sex … ewww what’s wrong with her? I recored everything on my phone. Oh no she caught me, she called me to her and was angry. She said it was only a friend and denied everything but after i showed her my phone she was suprised. She wanted to take my phone but she cant do that. She said ok whatever you want i buy you everything but dont tell it dad. I said i want a new mobile phone, new clothes and money! She said wow thats alot but fine you get it. AND i want one more thing! I want to kiss you. She is like a kiss? Okay and kissed me on my cheek. I said no, mom a real kiss on my mouth! She is okay whatever and gived me a short kiss on my mouth. Nooo mom! A real kiss, like you would kiss your friend on the phone! She said no i don’t gonna do it. I said okay i will tell it dad then. Okay fine come here. Are you satisfied now? Yes thanks mom. A bit later. She fell asle ep on the couch in the living room. I sat down next to her and started slowly to touch her until she woke up. What the hell are you doing here, young men? I said to her i want to see your tits now. She said no and that it would be wrong. Fine i started to call dad, .. “Oh hi dad whats up? Im fine .. oh dad you now what mom did today…? ” She immediately stood and whispered no, no, dont say it and slowly began to lift her t-shirt, and took off her bra. She touched her tits. “… Son, son? Oh yea dad here mom can tell you yourself.. ” and i passed the phone on to my mom. While she talked to dad, i touched her tits and started to kiss her again. I turned her over, this view was amazing, she had a big ass. I slapped her ass. “Dad asking what was that Sound honey? Oh nothing… nothing..” I took off her pants, she wear a hot thong. I started to touch her pussy, she moaned slightly while still talking to dad. “Dad asks is everything fine? Are you sick?..” I started to fuck her from behind. Then I lay down and she rides me. She keeps her mouth shut with her hand. But she can not take it anymore and throws the phone aside and goes really wild. She moans and says that she comes and I should cum in her.


Missbehavin26 - Blackmailing ur stepmom into sex

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