Lucy Skye - Mommy Edges the Sissy

Lucy Skye – Mommy Edges the Sissy

I found out that you’ve been wearing my panties and prancing around like a sissy faggot…. As your mommy, I decide to punish you by making you stroke and stroke, over and over, while staring at me and smelling my panties. You’re probably wondering, “well.. what’s so bad about that???”… Well, since you’re a perverted little sissy I’m not going to let you cum 🙂 Nope. You have to edge forever, sniffing my lingerie and evening making you rub your dick while wearing them. I might even make you do some humiliating things like sucking a dick for me. How much of a slut should mommy turn you into?


Lucy Skye - Mommy Edges the Sissy

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