Little Puck - GREMLINS | MONSTER MOMMY LOVES U !! Greta Cosplay

Little Puck – GREMLINS | MONSTER MOMMY LOVES U !! Greta Cosplay

Oo what a hunk you are. And you’re all alone, down here, in the dark, you need a girl like me to take care of you sweetie, i’ll fight off any monsters down here tryna get at you. You are all mine now! Mmm ooo stay still, stop being such a scaredy cat, I promise i’m the girl for you baby, ooo don’t be afraid of what you feel. We belong together. Forever and ever and ever. Here, sweetcheeks, let me show you…*grabs at camera* Oo doesn’t that feel sooo good. So tight, so right! Mmm you love a Monster Mommy pussy don’t you. Tell me you love Mommy Monster, you love Mommy Monster don’t you, yes! Oo i’m obsessed with this baby, I’m obsessed with you! You’re so perfect for a girl like me, you fit just right don’t u mmm now u know we’re meant to be together don’t u, yess that’s it, fuck me, fuck me just like that! God, I love being on top and taking your dick. You’re so fucking hot, god, fucking a human male is so sexy, you’re so bad for fucking a Monster Mommy like me aren’t you? Yeah! Tell me you’re so bad, you’re so bad omg you’re gonna make me cum! Oo i’m not thru with u yet mister, i want you to cum so fucking deep in me, be my slutty little human male and fuck me harder ok? Oo what a hunk you are, god! You’re gonna blow the biggest load for me, you’re so engorged, so ready to burst! Fuck my face and give monster mommy that nut! You’re so in love with me aren’t you? U love me sooo much and you’re gonna show me how much you love me when you cum all over my fucking face and make me yours! Let’s consummate our love with a huge cumshot baby, breed my fucking mouth – i want to be yours forever!! Mmm, I was right! You do love me! We’re meant to be together forever. Now give me kisses, sweetie, you love me so very very much.

Little Puck - GREMLINS | MONSTER MOMMY LOVES U !! Greta Cosplay

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