Kitty LeRoux - Risky Business: Anal Fuck Friend's Mom

Kitty LeRoux – Risky Business: Anal Fuck Friend’s Mom

You’re visiting your friend because Borderlines 3 just came out and you’re going to marathon it like you did when you were in high school. You haven’t seen each other for a while because college happened and you’ve been away. On day 2 of the marathon, you’re in the kitchen. His mom is making you two rice krispie treats and reminiscing about how you used to be over all the time, how she hopes your sleepover is going well because the floor isn’t very comfy. The truth is you had trouble dozing off- because she came in his room last night and was doing unmentionable things while you gave an Oscar-worthy performance of “totally not awake best friend who totally doesn’t have a boner”. You cheekily tell her you had a dream about her! She jokes that she hopes it wasn’t a nightmare. Your friend gets bored waiting for the treats and goes to look up some strategy. “Omg! I can’t believe I got caught.” Your heart is racing. “I’m so wet.” . Turns out your best friend’s mom is super kinky and into risk taking. Now that she knows she’s caught, she’s even more wet. She climbs up on the counter and shows you she’s been using anal beads the whole time she was making treats for you two. While pulling them out slowly-one by one- she confesses to being an anal slut. She desperately tries to not moan too loudly in case her son hears. She pulls out her tits and fingers herself, until your friend yells for an energy beverage. “We should go so we don’t get caught.” Later that night, you wake up to her sucking your cock! Omg, in front of your not awake friend/her son? Kinky slut! But you don’t want her to stop. She figured you wouldn’t mind and you DO NOT. It’s been hard to play the game when you’ve been thinking about her stretching her tight little ass with your cock. The tension is intense. You could get caught at any moment, but that doesn’t stop either of you from fucking. That perfect huge ass of hers is yours. Can you fuck her as hard as you want without getting caught?


Kitty LeRoux - Risky Business: Anal Fuck Friend's Mom

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