Jocelyn Baker - Sons curiosity leads to moms seduction

Jocelyn Baker – Sons curiosity leads to moms seduction

Mom is getting ready when you wander into her bedroom, and see something you’ve never seen before! Hair?! On a girl? That’, odd. From all the videos you watch the girls are bare, so you are curious as to why your Mom has hair “down there”. You decide to ask her, and she seems mad at you for wanting to know! It’s normal for women to have hair there, she tells you. And after a few moments of hesitation, she tells you that she’s going to get you acquainted with female body hair so you aren’t so shocked by it. With that, she takes her towel off and is fully naked. You’re sort of surprised at how much you like seeing your Mom like this, but you don’t say anything. You just continue listening to her talk, until she notices that you are excited. She confesses that she has been single for so long since your Dad left that she hasn’t had anyone touching her, which is another reason why she doesn’t shave. She tells you to be a good boy for her, and to give it a little touch..just to see what it feels like. You don’t want to let your Mom down, so you do what she asks. And you get even more excited because of how good she feels, and it even has a little bit of a smell to it that you like too. Mom seems to really be enjoying herself, so much that she tells you to put yourself inside her for just a minute. To really “experience” what her hair feels you do. And you don’t stop until you cum all over her bushy pussy. Tags; Fuck Machine, Cum in bush, Older woman/younger man, Role Play, Hairy.


Jocelyn Baker - Sons curiosity leads to moms seduction

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