Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Fucks Son For Baby

Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Fucks Son For Baby

The small window of opportunity has come again..I’m ovulating! My husband and I have a very special night planned ending with us trying for a baby..that is, until he calls to let me know he is going to be working late..AGAIN. He makes me feel guilty, of course. But like the good wife I am I tell him that we will schedule another date night & try again next month. As I sit on the bed, depressed and hopeless that I’ll ever have a idea comes into my head. No. Absolutely not. The hook up my son and I had a few months ago was a ONE TIME thing and a total mistake. I can’t actually fuck him and have him cum inside me, can I? I’m just baby crazy. But, my husband would never know..After much internal debate I decide I’m going to fuck my son and have him give me a baby. I strip from my boring everyday clothes and find my finest lingerie, before calling him from his room into my bedroom. There, I strip for him and explain what I need from him. He’s happy to help, which excites me. Before I know it, I’m riding my son and begging him to fill me up..Is this a mistake?


Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Fucks Son For Baby

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