Jaybbgirl - Mommy Is Lonely

Jaybbgirl – Mommy Is Lonely

Hey sweetie! I’m so happy you made it and that traffic wasn’t too bad. Oh I’ve missed you so much. All of you have flown the nest, and no one really talks to Mommy anymore. It’s okay though, I understand. How are things? Do you have a girlfriend? Well, don’t worry. You’re very handsome you’ll get one in no time. The dating scene hasn’t been great for me either…it’s been a while since Mommy has –maybe I shouldn’t be talking about this. If I’m being completely honest, I have been a little lonely. It’s pretty much just me, myself, and I. it’s not as satisfying by yourself, if you know what I mean. Mommy couldn’t ask that of you! That kind of help is a big favor to ask…you really have always been a good boy, trying to help Mommy whenever you can…if it isn’t too much to ask..I do miss having my nipples sucked. It’s one of Mommy’s favorite things…And it’s been forever since I’ve felt a real cock. My toys just aren’t the same. I’ve even used ejaculating one to get the feel of a creampie, but no dice. Would you really do that for Mommy? It would make me feel less lonely…and maybe give me the confidence I need to get back out there.


Jaybbgirl - Mommy Is Lonely

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