Interracial BBC Taboo Mom Blowbang - Vera Price

Interracial BBC Taboo Mom Blowbang – Vera Price

This is so out of character for me, but I just *need* better cock. My husband doesn’t do anything for me, but you are just so *big*…. Ugh, I love having my lips around you… if anyone found out about this my marriage would be ruined! Thank goodness my son shouldn’t be home for another hour. FUCK! Oh, honey… you were supposed to be at practice. This, this isn’t what it looks like… Oh, god, my breasts are out, this is so embarrassing! Ok. Ok. What do I need to do to keep you from telling your father about this? He *can’t* know. What if.. What if I gave you the best orgasm of your life? Come here, son. Let me taste your precum, take you deep down my throat. I’ll pleasure both of you at once. I want his load down my throat, and yours spackled all over my face… mmm, yes, that’s right. I want your cum all over my face. Do it. This can be our little secret.

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Interracial BBC Taboo Mom Blowbang - Vera Price

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