ImMeganLive - Mom Hosts Exchange Student

ImMeganLive – Mom Hosts Exchange Student HD

You, the viewer, play a young man who is visiting my home in Canada as part of a foreign exchange program, where my son goes to your home in the US and you stay with me and my husband in Canada for the summer. Throughout the clip I will be switching between French and English. I greet you and invite you inside, saying that my husband is sorry he had to work late today so he couldn’t meet you yet. I give you a quick tour and go on about how excited I am to have a nice young American boy here with me, and to make you at home, in fact I tell you just to call me Mommy because that is what I am to you this summer. This entire time I’ve been having a glass well, and it may be getting to me because I talk with some flirtatious smiles and looks, small but still a bit flirty. Eventually I tell you that you must be tired after the trip and that it is late, so you should go to bed. Some time passes, the camera is now over the bed as if you were laying in it. I peak in the room, and slowly creep up to the bed, then start rubbing your crotch area, telling you to “shhh”, I have a very big very dominant smile on. I tell you, my husband still isn’t home and since you’re the guest, you have to make it up to mommy by letting her do anything she wants with you. You refuse at first, but I then change from flirty to very aggressive and coerce you to let me have my fun. From here, I pull out your cock and begin to jerk and suck it, while dirty talking still in a mix of French and English. Eventually taking off my top to showoff my beautiful tits to give a titjob. Playing up the age difference and talking about how I love that big young cock, how it is so much better than my husband’s, referring to myself as mommy, calling you different pet name’s as well. Next we move on to me riding you in pov, again plenty of dirty talk, age difference talk, degrading my husband, and I’m very dominant about it. I moan in French eventually reaching orgasm while screaming in French. I tell you to get on top of me and give me more, now missionary. I tell you to go behind me and fuck me doggy, while doing this my phone rings, I tell you not to dare stop and I talk on the phone while you fuck me. It’s my husband saying how late he’ll be, I go on about it’s alright how the new boy is entertaining me, barely trying to hide the fact that I’m on the verge of orgasm. He’s definitely worried, but I am the dominant one here and tell him to relax, and saying how you’re being a good boy for me. Eventually the phone call ends with me telling my husband “I love you” and that I will see him tomorrow. I then tell you I want you to cum and give you a titjob until completion. I then take the cum with my fingers and taste it then put it all on my lips so my husband can taste it later. Once that is done I call you mommy’s good little boy again and tell you to be ready, this is your job while you live under my roof. I then wish you good night and slowly and very sexily walk out of your room, naked except for my stockings/garter/heels and covered in cum…


ImMeganLive - Mom Hosts Exchange Student

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