Emmas Secret Life - Seducing My Son Again

Emmas Secret Life – Seducing My Son Again

After that amazing experience with your son you cannot stop thinking about it and need to have him again. Its getting so bad that you can barely keep from touching yourself even in public when you think of it. On top of that he’s about to deploy and be away for quite a few months soon. Finally you make a decision and tell your husband that you’re going out for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends. What you really do is show up at your son’s place in a surprise visit and start the talk off innocently enough while feeling out whether he still wants you in the same manner. You tell him all of your dirty taboo thoughts like how you’ve almost slipped while talking with your friends, saying his name, etc. and its making you hornier and hornier just thinking about it night after night. You tell him that he’s about to have the best weekend of his life or something similarly seductive and the scene cuts. In the next segment if you could be wearing sexy lingerie and heels it would be perfect and you would slowly strip and tease your son until your gorgeous body is fully revealed and then the two of you have passionate sex. Towards the end though if you could ask your son to really give it to his naughty mother and punish her or something like that that would be amazing. IE some light spanking and really vigorous doggy or whatever you feel works best for a mom asking for a little bondage from her son for the first time.Like before, if you could do a fair amount of the taboo talk (i.e. “mother” “son”;), dirty talk (take me, fuck me harder etc.), and moaning, that would be.


Emmas Secret Life - Seducing My Son Again

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