Dirty Demi - My Son's Bully

Dirty Demi – My Son’s Bully

In this video you have won a bet with my son and now he has to do your homework for the whole year! You pick on him a lot and thought it would be funny to come back to his house and watch him do your homework but when you arrive you meet his mother and… wow! You are immediately turned on by me and insist on staying in the kitchen to chat with me instead of taunting my son. I’m just happy my loner son has finally brought a friend home! But oopsie! As I was preparing dinner I spilled some water on your shorts – I start patting you dry and you immediately get a boner. I tell you to take off your shorts so I can dry them and when I return to the room I see your big hard cock and am immediately shocked. You can tell I’m incredibly turned on… I tell you you’re so much bigger than my husband! Later on at dinner you decide to make a move and touch my thigh… I’m flustered but encourage you to take it further – before you know it I’m jerking you off and touching myself at the dinner table with my husband and son just inches away! I insist you stay the night, much to my son’s dismay. I’m going to show to your room… you’ve got a long and hot night ahead of you!

Dirty Demi - My Son's Bully

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