Delilah Dee - My Step Moms A Hungry Ghoul SSVore

Delilah Dee – My Step Moms A Hungry Ghoul SSVore

This is a custom video, no names are used. “In this custom, I want you dressed in a sexy nude bodysuit while talking to me (POV). You’re my step-mom and we’ve been stuck in quarantine for a while and you’re really hungry. I wonder why because we’re stocked up for quarantine, but you tell me that you don’t eat what “normal” people eat. You proceed to tell me that you’ve been keeping a secret to protect me and my sisters, but the secret is becoming a problem because you don’t want to eat people who are sick, so you come up with a plan. You will eat me up and just make sure to get me out of your belly before anyone finds out what you did! I’m shocked, but you tell me I have no choice in the matter and that I’m going to be resting in your gut for the rest of the day! Once you’ve eaten me, I want you to show me your tight, round belly in the bodysuit as you digest me”


Delilah Dee - My Step Moms A Hungry Ghoul SSVore

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