Chy Latte - Fuck Mom Before Cleaning Your Room

Chy Latte – Fuck Mom Before Cleaning Your Room

Boy! Get your ass in here and clean this room! When we let you and your little girlfriend move in here, I expected two adults to move in, not two slobs. I don’t care who’s stuff is where, clean it up!
Don’t look at me like that. I expect this room to be clean without asking. You’re not in high school anymore. I know I’m your step-mom and your dad is out of town, but this is my house.
Are you listening to me? No, we said that was a one time thing. You don’t get to suck on these nipples anymore. *looks down* You dick IS hard and it did feel good last time we — Ok. One more time.
You love Mommy’s boobs in your face, don’t you? These hard, pierced, chocolate nipples make your mouth water. Oooh! Suck on them! Just like that!
Oh, you wanna finger mommy’s pussy? Oooh! Oh yeah! Twist those fingers! Oooh! You’re making mommy’s pussy cream! Suck on my nipples! Mommy wants to see her little boy’s dick! Stroke it. Fuck mommy’s pussy!


Chy Latte - Fuck Mom Before Cleaning Your Room

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