Chy Latte - Follow Mama's Directions

Chy Latte – Follow Mama’s Directions

Mama wants this time between us to be special. I want you to show me how well you can follow directions. As I sit here wearing nothing but a tiny, pink thongs and some black heels, I want all your attention on Mommy. So go on, pull out your dick. The heels just highlight my thick, brown legs. That’s what I like to see. Good boy. Stroke your dick for Mama. Nice and slow. Don’t worry, I’ll show you what you wanna see. I bet you want to focus in on my tits. You’re throbbing thinking about them while I cover them using my hand bra. Don’t cum just yet. I’ll let you cum. Be patient. We are going to take our time. You wish you could have my tits in your mouth. You see how plump and brown they are. I love how patient you’re being for me. I know it’s hard for you to watch me finger my hard nipples in your face like this. How hard can you get that dick for Mommy? I know how bad you want me. My moans escaping through my lips makes your dick THROB. I take my chocolate drop of a nipple in between my fingers and rub, making it stand at attention like your dick. Laying back, knowing you’re watching me, if making me SO wet. I can feel my wetness through my thong. Beg me to get closer. Beg Mommy to take off her thong. On top of me, you stroke and beat that dick, precum leaking all over my naked body. You want Mama to give you permission to cum, but not until I do. You can watch me pleasure my wet cunt while you pound on that dick like the fuckin good boy you are. Mama’s eyes roll back, my moans dance out of my throat and my clit gets wetter and wet. Who will cum first.? It better not be you.


Chy Latte - Follow Mama's Directions

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