Aunt Mallory Confronted - Lady Fyre and Mallory Sierra

Aunt Mallory Confronted – Lady Fyre and Mallory Sierra

Aunt Mallory comes over with one thing in mind: stuffing herself with your sweet cock. She’s sucking it, getting spitty while deepthroating it. Then she turns around & rides it, giving you a great view of her awesome ass.
She’s only riding you for a couple minutes when your mom walks in. She’s not supposed to be home. Busted!! “I knew it!” she says. “I thought Aunt Lauren was lying to me, but apparently she wasn’t. You & Lauren both, you greedy little bitches.” Mallory protests… your dick is just too delicious not to have it again. “But this is MY son, and that’s MY dick,” your mom replies. Oh wow. Your mom & aunt are gonna fight over you now? This should be interesting.
“If you want to have sex with my son, then you have to ask my permission.” Aunt Mallory pleads with your mom, and finally your mom agrees. “Let’s not keep him waiting since you already got him excited.” She rides you to show off her bubble butt, and Aunt Mallory tries to placate her. “Mommy does do it best, doesn’t she?” But you can tell Mallory is just aching to ride you again. Luckily your mom does really like to share with her sisters & gives her another turn. There’s nothing better than your aunt’s tits bouncing in your face while your mom rubs her sister’s smooth body.
Mom preps you to cum, but she wants you to shoot your load right into Mallory’s mouth. Your aunt sucks the cum right out of you & lets it dribble all over her huge tits. Mom smiles, “See, all you had to do was ask & I’ll share with you.”

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Aunt Mallory Confronted - Lady Fyre and Mallory Sierra

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