Mom Take's Son's Virginity - Sydney Harwin

Mom Take’s Son’s Virginity – Sydney Harwin

Your mom sits you down to have a chat… She tells you that it’s gonna be embarrassing for the both of you, but it’s something that needs to be said. “I can hear you having sex with your girlfriend overnight… and to be honest you are being very loud…” You decide to be honest with your mom and say that you are not fucking your girlfriend… the creaking noise she can hear is just you pretending to have sex… practicing for the big moment you get brave enough to make a move. Your mom is overjoyed that you are still a virgin, and cannot express her happiness enough… but you then tell her that you are finding it hard to get turned on by girls, because there is only one woman in your life that you want to lose your virginity to… Your mom is flattered that you have been having fantasies about her, and naturally is a little shocked, but she admits that she has been having similar feelings and decides to grant you the chance to finally pop your cherry, with none other than your very own yummy mummy! Now all you have to do is sit back and let your experienced mom show you how to fuck properly. She is very informative and even talks you through sex, showing you her vagina and explaining how it’s not like you see in the porn films… this is real… this is raw… this is an attentive mom who just wants to make her handsome son happy.

Mom Take's Son's Virginity - Sydney Harwin

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