Sydney Harwin - Fuck Your Best Friends Hot Mom

Sydney Harwin – Fuck Your Best Friends Hot Mom

You stay at your best friends house a lot, and you are always flirting with his mom. When your friend goes downstairs in the mornings, you often linger in bed a while to wait for his hot mom to come in and offer you breakfast in bed, which she does almost every time without fail. ANYTHING to get her to sit on the bed and brush against your huge hard cock concealed by the bed covers. If only she knew just how fucking big and thick your dick was, then maybe she would make a move on you one day! This morning, you lie in bed when your girlfriend calls, and the two of you are having phone sex as you jerk your cock when- oh fuck!- in walks your friends mom as you have your dick in your hand tugging away like a mad man! What the fuck is she going to say to you?! She sits on the bed… she can’t stop laughing! Why is she laughing? Why is she smiling? Why is she embarrassed? Oh- it’s because she has seen the size of your cock and just can’t believe how super massive it is! She compliments you and starts asking questions like “Does that thing even fit inside your girlfriend?” and “I’ve never even seen one that fucking big! Can you even fuck with that thing?” You are quietly confident and out of nowhere you grab her tit and wait for her reaction… She looks around to make sure her son is nowhere nearby… Tells you it’s fine… She takes off her bra and lets you fondle her more. Tells you she wants to see how much of it she can fit inside her mouth and sucks your cock greedily. She uses both hands to pleasure you, fist pumping away like a horny school girl again. She just HAS to fuck you. See if she can sit ALL the way down on that fucking inhumanly large cock of yours…


Sydney Harwin - Fuck Your Best Friends Hot Mom

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