Reya Sunshine - Be Strong... Cum in Mommy

Reya Sunshine – Be Strong… Cum in Mommy

You’ve been such a good boy for Mommy, You’ve grown up so big a strong…. and good boys get rewarded. I caress my tits and show them to you, let you admire Mommy’s big breasts. I rub my pussy through my panties as I explain that you’ll be rewarded for being your Mommy’s sexy young man. I strip off my slutty red panties and rub my pretty little pussy close up, getting you excited to slip inside of me. I start stroking your cock, giving you a handjob while I continue to dirty talk and tell you how lucky you are to get to fuck Mommy’s pussy. I slide your cock inside of me, feeling every inch of your studly manhood. I continue to dirty talk to you, telling you every detail of what we are doing, how your cock feels and how tight my pussy is. I bounce up and down on my good little boy in multiple angles.. cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, close ups, and full body views. I instruct you to cum in Mommy and you do. I tell you to be strong for Mommy and keep fucking me so that I can take my pleasure on your cock. You stay strong and I cum hard on your cock, shaking in pleasure.

Reya Sunshine - Be Strong... Cum in Mommy

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