Little Miss Elle - Mean Step Mommy Punishment Fuck

Little Miss Elle – Mean Step Mommy Punishment Fuck

Oh you’re finally home? Come in here, we need to talk. I was gathering laundry today, when much to my surprise I found a box with MY panties and MY nudes under YOUR bed??? Do you have some kind of weird sexual fascination with your mother?? That’s disgusting I’m your mom. So what, do you like mommy’s boobies? Do you? What about mommy’s perfect ass? Gross look at you, you’re getting hard aren’t you? I think we need to get this out of your system. If mommy gets undressed and you get to see it all right in front you maybe you’ll get over this whole gross obsession you have. Nope, you’re not leaving, I don’t care if you’re embarrassed you started this. So this? This is what you like? Your MOM’s body??? You’re so fucking perverted. Look at you, you’re even more excited now. I think we need to go all the way with this. If you want to fuck mommy so bad then mommy’s going to fuck you. And you’re not going to cum until she says so. I don’t care how embarrassing it is now, this is what you wanted so this is what we’re doing. And you’re going to take my beratement while I fuck you and you cum in mommy’s pussy when I tell you to you disgusting pervert. // Disgusted and and mildly dominant attitude. Switches between slight teasing to mostly humilation. Post orgasm torment by reinsertion.


Little Miss Elle - Mean Step Mommy Punishment Fuck

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