It's Okay to Be So Excited about Mommy's Big Boobies - Tara Tainton

It’s Okay to Be So Excited about Mommy’s Big Boobies – Tara Tainton

We had fun playing in the pool, didn’t we. Now, dry off so you don’t get all shrively. Fine, Mommy’ll do it for you… just stop wiggling so much! And I’m going to freeze because someone can’t find his towel and I have to use mine… Now… oh, dear. Honey… that’s a very big boner you have. Your pee pee… it’s standing right up through the front of your wet swim trunks! Honey… is that because of Mommy’s big boobies? Well, gee… do you want me to cover up then? No? Well, you better take care of that… just how Mommy showed you before. What? Why not? Is something the matter? Honey, I can’t have my baby boy getting blue balls! Now, tell Mommy what’s wrong or I’ll have to call the doctor. Pull down your swim trunks and I’ll have a l… Oh, dear… why’s your pee pee so red?! Honey… have you not been taking good care of it? You have? Well, how many times have you jacked off? THAT MANY?! Before breakfast??! Gosh… I didn’t even think of that when I put on my bikini first thing this morning… it’s not like I can hide these big, luscious boobies! Okay, okay, you better let Mommy try to do it for you… GENTLY. That still hurts? Well… I have another idea! You can use Mommy’s pillow… it’s very soft and gentle. I’ll show you how… you just push your boner against the pillow like this… rub on it… and just hump it and hump it and… oh, that was quick! Was it Mommy’s big boobies again?? hee hee hee Well, let’s try it again then. I’ll hold the pillow and you just hump it and come toward Mommy’s big boobies….

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It's Okay to Be So Excited about Mommy's Big Boobies - Tara Tainton

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