Milking Mommy's Cum Cow - HD - Janey Jones

Milking Mommy’s Cum Cow – HD – Janey Jones

You’re my cum-hungry Mommy whose made me your cum cow and it’s time for another milking. You have me locked up like cattle with your hand training my cock on a bottle that you expect me to fill with cum. You feel kinda bad that you have to chain me up for each milking but you know how much I resist them, as each milking makes me shrink smaller and smaller. At this rate, I’ll be the size of a bug in no time! You want me to look on the bright side though: my cum makes mommy big and strong. Don’t I want a big, strong, healthy mommy? I look up at you’re sweet but predatory gaze as you milk me off camera. You’ve got a feeling that this is gonna be a nice big load that’s really gonna help mommy grow. Yes I’ll shrink, but I’ll be shrinking for mommy. A big, strong, giant mommy who can do whatever she wants to her little bug. You plan on using your little cum cow to his full potential, eating me when I’ve shrunk too small to produce cum for you, showing me you saliva stringed mouth. You instruct me to shrink for mommy until I finally cum. You call me a good boy as I fill up the bottle with mommy’s dinner.

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Milking Mommy's Cum Cow - HD - Janey Jones

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