You're STILL a Virgin?! - Tara Tainton

You’re STILL a Virgin?! – Tara Tainton

Were you just… WHY did you run away and HIDE from me!?!? You’re such a strange one. I have the weirdest nephew in the world. Did you want to ask me something? Then, why were you out there standing over me silently while I was sunbathing?! And why are you trying to hide something in your hands… OH!! It’s not in your hands but behind them! Now, why would you have to hide your erection? And why are you just so embarrassed at all? It’s perfectly natural to admire my hot body… Your erection’s a compliment! But you’re hiding something else, aren’t you… What is it? You can tell me anything… Whisper it if you have to… WHAT?!??! You’re STILL a virgin?!?!! I never would’ve… how in the world… at your age!!! Gee… does that mean THIS is the closest you’ve ever been to a near-naked woman in your life?? Don’t answer that; I can tell! Wow… a real-life virgin right in front of me… I bet this is the most tit you’ve ever seen close up! Now, just what would happen if I got this close to you… or just reached out my hand and…

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You're STILL a Virgin?! - Tara Tainton

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