Wynter Azure - Mommy Homewreck

Wynter Azure – Mommy Homewreck

Me, your loving (step) mother has come for a visit. Since you’ve been married, you haven’t had much time for Me. I feel slighted- We’ve always had such a special relationship, We’ve always been so close. Your father would always be away for business & it was just Us two… It was just what you needed- a strong Woman to guide you. Honestly, this Woman you are married to? She’s weak, no personality or real presence. I thought boys were supposed to grow up and marry their Mother- clearly She is no replacement for Me. you aren’t living your best life, you aren’t becoming the best man you can be with Her. I trained you to serve Women by working hard, making all the money, do the chores, spoil Us with gifts & trips… you don’t respect your Wife enough to serve Her correctly. I want you to move back in with Me. The one person who can put your life back together is Me. Mommy knows best, it’s best that you come back home. you need to serve your true Queen, Me. your life will never be successful with your Wife. Under My rule you will become the best man you can be- a subservient, obedient boy just like Mommy trained you to be. your lust for your Mommy drives you to serve Me. I’ll tease you & taunt you with My body to make you work harder, to be a success, to listen to Mommy. Mommy knows what you like, I know you love when I use My big cock on you… you’ll never fuck Mommy, but I will fuck you. I know you need a strong Woman, with a BIG cock to keep you motivated. You miss Mommy’s cock don’t you? Pack up, you’re leaving your Wife today- you cannot resist your strong, Dominant Mother & Her big cock.


Wynter Azure - Mommy Homewreck

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