Velma Voodoo - MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine

Velma Voodoo – MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine

Mommy Velma Voodoo has had a little wine before you came home from your part time job! shes critical of your work ethic but still loves that you are always around! she teases you about how much she loves taking care of you, even if you are too old to be living with her still. after scolding you about your desire for wine, she spills the tea she poured for you all over her top! you are a lazy boy and refuse to bring mommy a towel, so she must wipe the floor with her shirt, leaving her perky breasts exposed to the air and your wandering eyes. “its not like you havent seen it before!” she coos. even though you already ate mommy insists you must have your favorite snack, you cant go more than two hours without a snack made with love! she bends over far into the fridge in her high waisted denim jeans. her huge ass filling your entire field of vision. such a naughty boy you are watching mommy!


Velma Voodoo - MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine

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