Tiffany Racks - Mommy's New Bra

Tiffany Racks – Mommy’s New Bra

Mommy has a dilemma! I got this new bra from Victoria Secret and its way too tight! Do you think your father is going to like this? I bought an extra large and it still doesn’t fit! See my tits…. Do you think its too tight on me? I need your opinion My tits spill out at the top… see? You can get a handful of my tits, feel them! Even though its still too tight does it look look good..? How about you stroke to my cleavage while you’re at it.. I know your hard… This bra is so tight its hard to shake my tits but I’ll try… Here get a closer look….


Tiffany Racks - Mommy's New Bra

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