Theemilyb - Pimping Out Son

Theemilyb – Pimping Out Son

Son, your father and I have spoken and it’s time for you to finally start paying your way in this house. We’ve given you countless opportunities to go out and start earning money for yourself, but you’ve continued to ignore us and be a lazy loser. So, we’ve come up with a solution. Instead of just kicking you out, we are going to make you work. It’s an easy job really. There is an up-class club we go to, where VVIPs get very special treatment. Not us, but the older rich women and men. So, you are going to work there. About the only thing going for you is that you have a nice body and are good-looking and since you refuse to get off your lazy ass and get a job, we’re giving you this one. These rich old hags love a nice young man like yourself. You’ll be bringing in the money with this job, hell, you might even come to enjoy it. Who knows what they’ll have you do. Maybe you’ll just be fucking the old women, or maybe they’ll watch you fuck one of the other young women your age, while they watch. Or maybe, you’ll have to be fucked by the old men, they’re old wrinkly cocks inside of your virgin asshole. Who knows son, but your father and I have given you countless opportunities to go out and get a job, so this is what we’ve had to resort to. So get ready son, this weekend I’ll be taking you to the club so you can get acquainted with your new workplace.


Theemilyb - Pimping Out Son

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