Tessa Tryst - Striptease Edging For Your Fat Mommy

Tessa Tryst – Striptease Edging For Your Fat Mommy

Your sweet, loving BBW mom knows how horny you get sometimes. And it’s okay. It’s okay to have feelings like this, even for your own mother. Starting out in a heavy black sweater and short skirt, I tell you the rules. You can stroke your cock for Mommy, but you have to do what I say! When I say stop, you have to stop touching your dick. You’re going to be a good boy and do what Mommy says, right? And just to make it extra fun for me… whenever you’re not allowed to touch yourself, THAT’S when Mommy takes her clothes off! I do love teasing my good boy with my huge tits and big, soft body. As my clothes fall to the ground, you can see my big belly, thick thighs, and big nipples as they’re revealed. Mommy so loves teasing you, that she stops and starts you stroking over and over. I’m having so much fun that I wait until I’m completely naked in front of my own son before smiling and encouraging you to blow a huge load for me.


Tessa Tryst - Striptease Edging For Your Fat Mommy

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