Tessa Tryst - Fat Mom's Dirty Video for Panty-Stealers

Tessa Tryst – Fat Mom’s Dirty Video for Panty-Stealers

Come here, Son. Sit down. We have something to discuss. You see, Mommy knows what you’ve been up to. Oh, don’t play innocent. You can’t fool me! Do you remember these panties? Because the last time I saw them was when I left them on the bathroom floor. Yes, Mommy knows you’ve been stealing her panties. Taking them into your room and jerking off in them. Well, wouldn’t you like to know what Mommy does with those panties? Would you be surprised to find Mommy’s legs spread open and her hand sliding in between them? What if you saw her fat, hairy pussy lips spilling out as she pulled her panties tight between them? Before you know it, you’re watching Mommy cum in her pretty black satin panties, and showing you the wet spot she made before telling you she’s about to leave them in the bathroom for you to find!


Tessa Tryst - Fat Mom's Dirty Video for Panty-Stealers

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