Tessa Tryst - Fat Mommy Shows You How She Likes It

Tessa Tryst – Fat Mommy Shows You How She Likes It

Hey sweetie. Mommy wants to talk to you about something. I know you’ve been watching videos of a rather… erotic… nature lately. And that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with that! I just want to make sure you know that sometimes, those videos aren’t exactly realistic. Some women like a more gentle touch. Here, let Mommy show you how she likes it. I tell you how I like to start off with some teasing before pulling out my big tits. Look how hard my nipples are already! Why don’t you show Mommy how hard you are, honey? Would you like to touch my breasts? Maybe suck on them a little…? Soon I have you kneeling down between my legs, so I can show you exactly how I want you to lick my fat, hairy pussy. It feels so good that I need more, so I instruct you to stand at the edge of the bed and position yourself in between my legs. You know what comes next, don’t you? I tell you just how I want you to fuck me, and it feels so good! It’s okay, sweetie, you can cum inside your Mommy’s pussy… while I’m cumming all over your hard cock!


Tessa Tryst - Fat Mommy Shows You How She Likes It

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