Tattooed Temptress - Share a Bed with Mommy

Tattooed Temptress – Share a Bed with Mommy

The hotel messed up, and instead of getting us 2 rooms with our own beds, they gave us one room with one bed. They have no other rooms left! We’re stuck here tonight. I’m sorry, I’m mad too, I didn’t bring anything appropriate to rest in front of my son. Mommy will just have to rest in her lingerie. I catch you spying on my whilst I get changed. Why don’t you go to bed, I’ll be there in a minute. I get into bed but I can’t rest. Something is poking me in the back, I roll over and see your cock under the sheets. I can’t rest with a big hard-on in my back all night. I’ll let you wank off to mommy this once. Mommy encourages you to wank, and then helps you with a hand job. You’re still not coming, and mommy is horny now. I climb on top and ride your cock until we both cum. That’s it son, cum inside mommies pussy. Mommy is so ashamed after, don’t tell anyone we fucked! Its so wrong and taboo!

Tattooed Temptress - Share a Bed with Mommy

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