Tara Tainton - I Promise We'll Do It Again

Tara Tainton – I Promise We’ll Do It Again

My husband and I were… about to “have some fun.” But… then everything changed. Everything went… TERRIBLY WRONG. Or… right?? He left – my husband left! Probably part of the game, must’ve been, leaving me, hands bound, in the bedroom. Vulnerable but turned on. Anxious but excited. And then… I thought it was my husband but… MY STEPSON WALKED IN. The look on his face. To see his step-mother that way, in such a predicament. Dressed in such a way. And there wasn’t a thing I could do. Nor could I the entire time that… Well, I’ll never know if things might have been different, if I could have somehow prevented it, said something differently, changed directions. But, that was the moment that everything changed. The relationship between my stepson and I will never be the same again.


Tara Tainton - I Promise We'll Do It Again

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