When Donnie’s step-mom (Cherie DeVille) and step-sister (Tara Ashley) come home, dying of thirst, he offers them some sweet tea. This will be the final test of his chemical concoction that turns unsuspecting females into nymphomaniacs. Donnie (Donnie Rock) devilishly watches as the two girls guzzle down the sweet tea and become unrestrained ragging sluts wanting sex, sex and more sex. Soon the two sex maniacs are fighting over Donnie’s cock, seeing who could gag the hardest. Step-mom and step-daughter take turns frantically fucking Donnie. The afternoon quickly devolves into one of complete debauchery filled with fucking, sucking, fingering and squirting until Donnie empties his balls over his step-sister’s and step-mother’s face. The step-mother and step-daughter cum sluts swap spit and goo and then suddenly… the potion wears off and they wonder what the fuck just happened?

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