Little boys like you shouldn’t be watching fetish porn. It all begins when your father catches you watching porn on his work laptop, being the kind and gentle father he is, he asks your Mother to discipline you… and for obvious reason; the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, and your parents are realizing that you’re developing the same kinks your father has… and at such a young age. Your Mommie knows just what to do to you, She knows how turned you are by Her luscious curvy body, Her Big Perky Breasts you want to drink milk from so badly, and Her amazing ass and legs you want to worship, caress, and stroke your little cock to. Your obsession with beautiful, powerful Women began with Her, and no other woman will every compare to Her, you’re such a Mommie’s boy. After your punishment, She will be going to your father to tell him the story of it all… best behave little one.

Age Regression, Crossed Leg Fetish, Ebony Princess, Femdom, Jerk Off Encouragement, Mutual Masturbation, Pencil Skirt, Role Play, Stocking Fetish, Upskirt Tease

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